The Yandex.Disk folder looks the same as any other folder on your computer, but your files are also saved on Yandex's server. They are only available to you and whoever else you share them with. You can access them from any device connected to the internet.
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Yandex.Disk for tablet saves your photos, videos, e-books and other files. You can view or read them from anywhere with an internet connection. And even if no network is available, you can enjoy films and books using offline mode during, for example, flights.
The Yandex.Disk app allows you to automatically save photos and videoclips in cloud storage. They will still be there even if you delete them from your smartphone to free up space for new ones. You can access them along with your other files anywhere where there is internet.
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You can view your photos and videos that you saved to your Yandex.Disk on the big screen. Install the app on your Smart TV and enjoy your Yandex.Disk files from the comfort of your sofa with friends and family. To start using Yandex.Disk on your TV, look for it in your TV's app store.
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