Yandex Disk

for things that matter

Your files are safe on Yandex Disk. You can access them at any time and on any device.

Activate to 3 TB on Yandex Disk

Even more space with Yandex 360 Premium. Unlimited photo and video uploads from your phone. All files are saved in their original quality.

Store as many photos and videos as you want

There are many moments in life that you want to remember. Don't choose, keep everything. With unlimited auto-uploads of photos and videos from your phone.

Access your files on any device

You can access Yandex Disk anytime and anywhere: on your computer, phone, or tablet. Install the application on your computer to auto-upload files from the selected folders to Yandex Disk.

Share access

Share files and folders with your friends and co-edit documents with your colleagues.

Your files are safe

  • Data is stored in secure storage and encrypted when transmitted: no one can intercept it.
  • Two-factor authorization with a phone number is more secure than just a password.
  • All files on Yandex Disk are automatically checked for viruses.
Yandex Disk is a Yandex 360 service. Your own space to manage day-to-day tasks — from storing personal memories to writing business emails.

Yandex Disk

  • Store important files on Yandex Disk. Easily share them with friends and family: just send the link.
  • Unlimited storage for photos and videos from your phone. You can enable auto-upload to ensure you never lose anything.

Yandex Telemost

  • Use video calls to talk with your friends and colleagues without any time limits.
  • Create a meeting in one click. Participants can join using your link, no registration required.

Yandex Documents

  • Store and edit all work texts, presentations, and spreadsheets in one place.
  • Work with documents on your own or collaborate with your team.

Yandex Calendar

  • Share calendar links with friends and family to plan meetings.
  • Set up notifications about planned to-dos and transfer events from another calendar.

Yandex Notes

  • Everything you need at your fingertips: keep your ideas, plans, and shopping lists at hand.
  • All your notes will be stored together and available on your computer or phone.

Yandex Mail

  • Read emails from different inboxes using Yandex Mail.
  • Your emails are safe with built-in virus protection and spam blocking.
Yandex 360 Premium plans give you even more features in services you already use
  • Unlimited photo and video uploads from your phone
  • Public link security settings
  • No ads in Yandex 360 services
  • Confirmation of new mailing lists
  • Backups of important folders and storage of deleted emails
  • Your own domain instead of

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